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The first meeting with the 10th Triennial, in «Casabella-continuità», n.202, 1954.

Why Art in Real Terms (A manifesto for the Neapolitan foundation of the MAC group), 1954.

Modern movement and contemporary buildings, in «Nord e Sud», n.38, 1958.

Naples and the modern movement in Italian architecture, in AA. VV., Document on Naples, Edizioni di Comunità, Milano 1958. Lecture which was presented at the Neapolitan Urban development congress on March 9 1958 presided by Roberto Pane.

An architecture exhibition, in «Nord e Sud», n.41, 1958.

An issue of architecture in language, in «Arte Oggi», n.2; 1959.

6 New Residential units in Naples, in «Casabella-continuità», n.231, 1959.

A Review of vol. L. Benevolo, The History of modern architecture, in «Nord e Sud», n.78, 1961.

Bauhaus's worth, in «La Regione», 1962.

An editorial note from «Op.cit»'s first issue , September 1964.

The aim of the journal is to offer a selection of critiques made on contemporary figuaritive art. We intend to select, although impossible to choose an exhaustive quantity of all that has been published in connection to the visual arts – an assignment for which we are not fully equipped – but rather, it is to put forth the critical analysis of all that is considered art, above all the methodology, obtained by means of examining some major themes that are still interesting today. Every theme has been explored and will be rendered as a composition of selected parts of esthetic essays, of critiques, of poetry, that have been stated verbatim (hence, the title of the periodic), will be unified in a disscusion and equipped with a great number of notations and biblographic references.
We maintain that this way of supplying an instrument that can be used by the mass as well as be used in highly specialized research. But the selection was done through many themes that not only solves a technical difficulty, as much as it does limitating the entire critical process to a few key arguments; moreover, the elaboration of each theme, which has already been chosen for its peculiar characteristic, consents a display of such, that, because it's referenced and informative, it can't not be a critique.
Next to the above mentioned work, a collectivism in the entire editorial team, publishes individual articles, as well as foreign authors, in order to do the research that is not refereable to the formula that characterizes the large part of this periodic. In this way, the formula remains an instrument and not a limitative constraint.
To define a complete sense of the different idealogical positions of how many up until now have collaborated in this initiative and of those that have been invited and that have participated, we can affirm – without ignorating the uncertainty – that our vision, surely antiaccademic, tendes to be the most inclusive; not in a neutral and total acceptance, but in retaining all that is important and disputable.
In short, something must be said about the Neapolitan citizenship of the journal, an issue that is unwelcome, and that we will avoid refering to, either good or bad, implies the concept and the bias of «different», that we decisively push away. Nevertheless, we shouldn't confuse our aspirations with the real discomforts of our environment; we will only try to pull out some advantages from our difficulties: for example, the conditions for a calmer reflection, or the independence of powerful groups, factors that are of course favourable to developing our initiatives, anyway, trusting in a shortening of the distances.
In substance, putting aside the traditional glories together with the present shortages, we tend to propose our work as one that is considered as a people's contribution.

Persico's letters to Gobetti, in «Nord e Sud», n.124, 1965.

The mass's old and new culture, lecture at the «The modern architects and the blend of old and new» congress in «Archicollegio», nn.7-8, 1965.

The teaching of modern architectural history, in the Catalogue of the first triennal itinerant Italian contemporary architecture, 1965.

Architecture as a mass medium, in «L'architettura, cronache e storia», a. XI, n.4, 1965.

The clashing criticisme (in coop.), in «Op.cit.», n.4, 1965.

Von Marées and Hildebrand in Naples, in «Napoli nobilissima», vol. V, f.II, 1966.

Le Corbusier and Us, in «L'architettura, cronache e storia», n.l25, 1966.

A note for figurative semiology, (in coop.), in «Op.cit.», n.7, 1966.

Stone in City planning, in «Nord e Sud», n.143, 1966.

Preparatory teaching and the history of modern architecture, lecture at «Propaedeutics and teaching of architectural composition» Congress, Politecnico of Milan 5-6 March 1966.

Signs used in architectural by Inigo Jones, in J. Summerson, Inigo Jones, Mazzotta Editore, Milano 1966.

Architecture in the esthetics of S. K. Langer, in «Il Verri», n.23, 1967.

The meanings behind the «Rotonda palladiana» (in coll.), in «Op.cit.», n.16, 1969.

Semiology aspects in the palladian work, in «Bollettino del Centro Andrea Palladio», XI, 1969.

Symbols and signs from Bramante's temple (in coop.), in «Op.cit.», n.19, 1970.

Ostensible avanguard, in «Controspazio», nn.45, 1971.

Eine Vorausschau anf die architektonische Semiotik, in «Werk», n.4, 1971.

The useful historiography of a linguistic dichotomy, in «Op.cit.», n.20, 1971.

The cultural «reduction» (in coop.), in «Op.cit.»,n 23, 1972.

The «meaning» behind the historical centers, in AA.VV., Costruire ed abitare, Credito Fondiario, Rome 1973.

The historical centers through a semiology perspective, in «Op.cit.», n.36, 1976.

The semioptic planning of architecture (in coop.), in «Op.cit.», n.28, 1973

On the language of architecture, in «Architettura, cronache e storia», n. 224, 1974.

A note on urban mark (in coop.), in «Op.cit.», n.32, 1975.

A hypothesis on an iconic mark (in coop.), in «Op.cit.», n.44, 1979.

Architecture restoration: rich instruments and poor ideas, in «Op.cit.», n.49, 1980.

Essays Design planning section in vol. V of Encyclopaedia of the 1900's, Italian Treccani Encyclopaedia Institute, 1981.

The continuity of protorationalism (in coop.), in «Op.cit.», n.55, 1982.

Lecture at the Congress «Italian design today, between production, consume and something else», Naples 1982, Editoriale Domus 1983.

For who is design done so much? (in coop.), in «Op.cit.», n.59, 1984.

A Foreword to L. Delle Piane, A. Patrassi, G. Zanutti, The origins of design, Thonet e Kohn: technic and poetry of the curved wood viennese furniture, Lybra Immagine Edition, Milan 1986.

Towards a new "ism" in architecture, in «Op.cit.», n.65, 1986.

Design: what will be sold?, in «Op.cit.», n.67, 1986.

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The historical centers: between the past and the future, in AA.VV., The cultural assets for the Naples' future, Electa Naples, 1990.

Art is taught, Art is learnt, in «Op.cit.», n.77, 1990.

Design: A hermeneutic theory of the project, in «Op.cit.», n.79, 1990.

The scissors of story and the historiography (lecture at the First International Congress on the history of the design, Politecnico di Milano 1991).

The unity in the diversity of European architecture, in AA.VV., Architect in Europe, Guida editori, Napoli 1991.

The aesthetic colonies, in (edited by G. Di Maio), Darmstadt / Hagen / Bergen-Biennen, The Colonies of the artists 1898-1918, Clean edizioni, Naples 1992.

A foreword in History of the furniture from 1750 to today, Laterza, Rome-Bari 1992.

A taxonomy for design (in coop.), in «Op.cit.», n.85, 1992.

A lecture in the congress on «The role of design in relaunching the occidental economy: the contribution of the University», Florence 15/5/93.

And so the past has changed (lecture in the seminar «Teaching architectural history», Rome 4/6/93).

«Op.cit.» and 30 years of contemporary art, in «Op. cit.», n.91, 1994.

A foreword in vol. A. Rossetti, Before architecture, Edizioni Graffiti, Naples 1994.

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Restoration and Hermeneutics, in «Op.cit.», n.91, 1994.

Centrality of Restoration, in «Restauro», nn.l31-132, 1995.

History and theory according to Frateili, in «Ottagono», n.118, 1996.

The Price element, in «Ottagono», n.119, 1996.

Design and employment, in «Ottagono», n.120, 1996.

Ornament is profit, in «Ottagono», n.121, 1996.

Historiography Project and Planning, in «Op.cit.», n.97, 1996.

History as substain from the new craftsmen, in «Domus», n. 796 1997.

A Foreword in vol. P. Jappelli - G. Menna, Willem Marinus Dudok: architectures and cities 1884-1974, Clean edizioni, Naples 1997.

Design throughout History , in «Op.cit.», n.99, 1997.

The virtual furniture, in «Ottagono», n.122, 1997.

On-off of electronics, in «Ottagono», n.123, 1997.

The monstruous in design, in «Ottagono», n.124, 1997.

A Foreword in vol. V. Gison, Posillipo in the 1800's, Clean Edizioni 1998.

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Aldo Rossi designer, in «Ottagono», n.125, 1998.

Different Typologies, in «Ottagono», n.126, 1998.

Design and special effects, in «Ottagono», n.127, 1998.

The mannerism in design, in «Ottagono», n.128, 1998.

Historiography is planning, in «Op.cit.», n.104, 1999.

A Foreword in vol. G. D'Amato, European Atmospheres, Clean Edizioni, Naples 1999.

Design in Eupalino, in «Ottagono», n.129, 1999.

The telekitsch, in «Ottagono», n.131, 1999.

Design in tv, in «Ottagono», n.133, 1999.

The restoration of design, in «Ottagono», n.134, 1999.

Minimalist design, in «Ottagono», n.l35, 2000.

Design: de gustibus est disputandum, in «Op.cit.», n. 106, 1999.

Real, surreal and virtual in the history of architecture, in «Op.cit.», n. 108, 2000.

Visual arts: a sense to rediscover, in «Op.cit.», n. 111, 2001.

Internet is not suitable for architecture, in «Op.cit.», n. 112, 2001.

To sew a tear, in «Op.cit.», n. 113, 2002.

Italianism of Italian architecture, in «Op.cit.», n. 114, 2002.

Design and crisis of the car, in «Op.cit.», n. 116, 2003.

Information as the foundation of the architecture, in «Op.cit.», n. 118, 2003.

The architecture of the 4 avanguarde, in «Op.cit.», n. 122, 2005.

Design: objects with multiple functions, in «Op.cit.», n. 123, 2005.

Design for marketing, in «Op.cit.», n. 124, 2005.

Arbitrariness and norms for planning, in «Op.cit.», n. 125, 2006.

The original project and the rebuilding of Cassina, in L'interno del Cabanon, Le Corbusier 1952 - Cassina 2006, Triennale - Electa, Milan 2006.

Luigi Cosenza and us, in Luigi Cosenza today 1905/2005 (edited by A. Buccaro and G. Mainini), Clean Edizioni, Naples 2006.

Relevance of Roberto Mango, in E. Guida, Roberto Mango, projects, executions, research,, Electa Naples 2006.

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